How selfie can be productive?

Selfie Mania

Obsession with selfies among millennials is spreading like wildfire. As per current selfie Statistics, approximately 25000 selfies are taken by an individual during his or her lifetime. Let’s assume on an average one spends around 5 minutes for one good selfie. Therefore 5 x 25000 = 1,25,000 minutes = 87 days. That’s a lot of time spent on selfies. How this selfie mania can be productive? I believe this question would have triggered the team to create a HR solution with selfie feature.

Begin the day with a great smile

Researchers and their studies claim that there are hundreds of benefits when you smile and stay happy. Let’s not dig deeper into that. However, one thing is for sure. It will burst your stress. Have you noticed, on certain days you are really good at everything you do? If you try to decode the source of the happiness in Source Code (movie) style, you will definitely find that you started the day with a big smile or some compliments which made you smile and feel happy. This would have given the energy and confidence for the entire day. Why not be that one day every day? How about starting your work with a great selfie and a big smile on your face? Sounds interesting? has answers to these questions.

A SaaS product company based in Kolkata, India, helping the new gen start-ups, millennials and corporate companies to mark attendance and do HR related activities in style and fun. Avoid expensive biometric devices and software integration, allows your employees to mark their presence just by clicking a beautiful selfie from their own mobile devices, through a browser, and through QR codes. Secures attendance using company WiFi-SSID or GPS location and registers the attendance. Also, it helps you track your on-field sales force. Leave requests, approvals and holidays based on locations can be easily managed from any part of the world. Also, allows you to download or email the attendance, leave reports etc., to process payroll and manage timesheets. The App is available in both Google Play Store and iTunes. Isn’t that great? Check out now or drop your queries to for more info about the product.

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