Ten Best A/B Testing Tools

 You want to try something new on your website or have a doubt that something on your website is not converting. Either way, A/ B testing will help you to figure out the winning combinations.

A/B testing is nothing but testing two versions of a page, content or element against each other to find which is converting more. The goal can be anything such as sales increase, reducing bounce rate, increasing conversion rate, etc.., Running A/B tests will give you real data on your user behavior and help you make informed decisions.

Price: Essential-$79/month Premium -$159/month Enterprise-$399/month

You can build, publish and test responsive landing pages without any knowledge of coding. The drag-and-drop feature helps you create landing pages within few minutes. Unbounce integrates Zoho, Zarget, Hubspot, Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact Salesforce, and many more.

Price: Standard Plans: Startup $49/month Business $129/month Enterprise Plan: 999/ Month


VWO is one of the popular A/B Testing tool, with the help of visual editor you can easily change text, buttons color, images or any other elements to create multiple variations of your website. You can set your conversion goals and get real-time data and results. The built-in heatmap and clickmap tools helps you can track visitors’ behaviour and browsing patterns. VWO supports all websites such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

A/B testing, heatmap



Price : Professional : $44/month/ 20K Unique Visitors Custom: Upon request

Freshmarketer (formerly Zarget) makes marketer life simple and easy and reduces IT department’s burden. It’s an all in one optimization tool which helps you to do your A/B testing, Split URL testing, Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, Funnel Analysis, Form Analytics, Polls & Feedback and session replay. With the Industry first chrome plugin you can optimize your website instantly and helps you create variations pages without any coding knowledge. Freshmarketer integrates with Unbounce, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Magento 1 & 2, WordPress, Godaddy and many more.

Price: Basic pack starts @ $49 /1000 visitors. Other plans pricing are upon request.


Optimizely is a well known and widely used by Digital marketers. Like other tools Optimizely has a visual editor for minor changes on your website like text, color, repositioning, etc.., With Optimizely you can do A/B testing for your mobile app as well. Apart from Web Experimentation (A/B testing) Optimizely has other products like Web personalization, Analytics, etc.., For a startup and small & medium size companies Optimizely will be a bit expensive product.

Price : Starter: 249/Month/50,000 visitors Plus: 399/month/100000 visitors Enterprise: Upon request/ unlimited visitors


A/B Tasty from Paris, France started their journey as a digital agency and gradually evolved as a product company in 2012.

Price: Free

Google Optimize is 100% free A / B testing tool. However, certain keys features like Audience targeting, Multivariate Testing, Multiple experiments, Ad hoc experiments objectives are available only in Google Optimize 360.


Price: Plus: $449/month 9.6M tested Visitors Professional: $599/month 12M tested visitors Enterprise: $6,999 20M -1.2B Tested Visitors.

Covert is one of the early player in A/B testing game since 2008. Convert can be easily integrated with Crazy egg, Hotjar, Hubspot, Shopify, Magento, Kiss metrics, etc..,

Price: Self Service: $220 / Month 300k Events Growth: $500/Month 300k Power: $700/moth 300k events


Kissmetrics is also one of the early player in the marketing since 2008. Founded by Neil Patel. Who is also the founder of Crazy egg – Heat map solution. Kissmetrics have customized solution for saas, e-commerce and Agencies.

Price: Free: $0 Start-up: $99/month Business: $999/Month Enterprise: Upon request.


Like Google Optimize Mixpanel also have a free version for beginners with limited features. Apart from A/B testing mixpanel also have push notifications, segmentation, Funnel etc.., They offer industries specific solution for Saas, Fin tech, Media & Entertainment and consumer tech.

Price: Available only upon request.

Insider is formerly SociaPlus. Headquartered in London and have offices across the globe. Industry-specific solutions for Retail, Travel, Finance, Media and e-betting.

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