How to increase productivity using Zapier?

 What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to connect two different web apps to talk to each other. You can connect more than 750 apps such as marketing, sales, finance, project management, etc.., Zapier’s objective is to make your life easy and more productive. The best part of the tool is even non-developers can integrate it easily.

How to increase your productivity using Zapier?

Let’s create a simple Zap (integration) to understand better.


Gmail and Google Sheets Zap:


Let’s assume you update the Name, email, and date in your Google sheet every time when you receive an email asking for price or quotation for future follow up. Now with Zapier you can completely automate this mundane task.


Step 1 : Login to your Zapier account or create one if you don’t have.

Step 2: Select the trigger app – Gmail and login into Gmail account and verify

Step 3 : Select the Action app – Google Sheets and select the file and data you would like to save

Step 1 : Login to your Zapier Account or create one if you do not have one. Then click on Make a Zap button

Step 2: Then select the trigger app from the list of 750 apps. Let’s select Gmail as a trigger here.

Once you select the Gmail as trigger app next step is to connect your Gmail account by clicking on connect an account button.

Then allow Zapier to access your gmail account by clicking on Allow button

Now click on test to confirm the Gmail and Zapier settings.

From the given list of triggers select one. Lets select New Email matching search for this example.

Objective of this Zap is capture all the price request details in Google sheets

To confirm your Gmail setting make sure you have at least one email in your inbox matching the search string criteria.

Step 3 : Now choose Google sheets as action app

Select Create a spreadsheet Row to capture the lead information asking for price.

Now Test your Google Sheets settings

Once you create a new spreadsheet in Google sheets search for that file in spreadsheet field and click on that. Then select in which worksheet you want the details to be updated. Then match the fields by clicking on the + plus sign. Name – From name, Email – From Email, Body, Subject, Date, etc..,

Once the fields are matched click on Continue at the bottom of the page. Then test the Google Sheets.

Check your Google sheets whether the fields are captured correctly or not.

Great! Gmail – Google sheets Zap is created.

Integrate your favorite apps and let the system do the mundane task. So that you can focus on the core activity.

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