How to delight customers with the video ticketing tool?

As a business, we all put our customers in the first place because they pay us and help us to grow. Cost of customer acquisition and retention is skyrocketing in the current competitive market. The average customer acquisition cost is 20% to 25% of a customer total lifetime contract. Therefore, losing a customer to competition is a real pain. Customer Support and Customer Success team have to be more creative, quick and simple when comes to address the issues of a customer or a prospective customer. People love to work with simple solution providers for complex problems.

Lyceum Technologies came up with a simple and effective solution called Hippo Video. Hippo video is a video ticketing and supporting solution. It is like a sweet cherry on top of mango raspberry ice cream (hmmm yummy). Though the ice cream is more delicious than the little cherry, we all love to eat cherry first because visually it attracts us. Our brain captures and processes the visuals more quickly than the text and sound. Visuals have great impact and difficult to delete the captured data from our mind.

“If you can’t explain it simple, you don’t understand it well enough”

– Albert Einstein

“Explain it simple and clear, even when you find it difficult”

– Hippo Video

Customer support is more fun than a monotonous job:

By witnessing the growth of Customer helpdesk tools like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, Jira, etc.., you can realize the how business value their customers. Companies are always in search of a new and creative way to address customer pain areas. Lyceum Technologies video ticketing tool is boon companies, support agents, and customers.

Hippo Video is definitely taking the customer support to the next level by helping the customer support agents and customers to solve their problems by video ticketing. Support agents and customers can now avoid lengthy emails and phone calls.

Hippo Video Features:

  • With Hippo Video you can create the video using screenshots, Webcam shots, etc.., Also, you can edit the videos like a professional using inbuilt video editing tools. You can add, delete, crop and trim the content as per your needs. You can add text, audio and narrate over the video for better clarification.
  • Archiving the videos in the library makes your life much easy when the same issues faced by other customers which result in quick resolution, saves support agents time and increase the productivity.
  • Video ticketing helps the support agents to quickly dive into the issue without probing the customer too much.
  • Video ticketing also makes your customer life easy by avoid writing long emails with screenshots.
  • Seamless integration with customer helpdesk tools such as Freshdesk and Zendesk helps you leverage your existing investment in helpdesk tools.

Pricing:  eerf!

Yes, you guessed it correct. Free with limited features. The full-blown version is available for $10 and $29. For more info on the pricing check the below link.

Create videos and make your customers smile!!!

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