How to create a free business email in your domain name?

 Getting your business email with your own domain name is never been this easy before. Having a business email in your own domain name is more professional and you cannot use your Gmail or yahoo in many business situations. This blog guides you step by step process to create a free business email with Zoho mail. Let’s get into action now!
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Email & collaboration
  3. Then click on pricing

Pricing page helps you understand the different versions and its pricing. Click on Sign up for Free version. (It is always good to check the pricing before signing up for any free service so that you will know whether you can afford the paid version or not when you grow)

Enter your Domain name and other details and click on Sign up

Now your Account has been created. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile number to complete the sign-up process.

Now Select your DNS Manager. Since my DNS Manager is Godaddy I’m selecting that.

Now verify the CNAME by clicking on Proceed to CNAME Verification

Once you Click on CNAME verification button it will take you to Godaddy Sign in page.

Click on Manage button

Then click on ADD button at the bottom of the page

Under Type Select CNAME

Copy paste the Host Name and Destination from your Zoho Account and click on Save

Now come back to your Zoho Account and verify the CNAME that you updated in Godaddy

Once you click on Verify Now, you will get a confirmation message and now you can create an email Account.

Once you create all email accounts and Group Accounts next step is to configure your email to send and receive emails. Click on Configure Email Delivery tab on the left sidebar.

Now go back to your Godaddy or DNS Manager and Update the MX (mail exchange) records. Make sure you delete the all the previous MX records. Click on the ADD button

Under Type select MX and copy paste the host, points to and Priority from your Zoho Account. Type : MX, Host – @, Points to :, Priority : 10, TTL : 1 Hour

Repeat the same step again to update MX2

Type : MX, Host – @, Points to –, Priority: 20, TTL: 1 Hour

Repeat the same step again and update MX3

Type: MX, Host – @, Points to –, Priority: 50, TTL: 1 Hour

To verify your MX setting login to and type your domain name

Then update the Sender Policy Framework SPF

Now go back to your Godaddy Account and click on ADD

Select the Type as TXT

Copy Paste the Host, TXT Value from Zoho Account. TTL – Custom, Seconds- 600

Once SPF is done. Next step is DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail). Under Email Authentication Click on DKIM. Then click Edit Sign

Then Add Selector

Selector Name: Zoho and TXT Value will generate automatically

Now again go back to Godaddy account and click on add to update the DKIM.

Type: TXT, Host: Zoho_domainkey, TXT Value: Copy the TXT value from Zoho Account.

Now the DKIM is updated and enabled successfully.

Now your Email Account is ready and you can start sending and receiving emails.

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