How to earn loyal customers and employees with online survey tool?

The twenty-first century is known for drastic changes in the world. Everything around us has changed, the way we shop, eat, evaluate, compare, learn, knowledge transfer, knowledge acquisition etc.., Digital era has completely transformed the millennials lifestyle. Due to heavy competition businesses providing aggressive pricing, discounts offers to acquire customers. On the other end companies poach smart brains to be the fittest. If you fail to notice or ignore even small changes in the vital signs things may completely turn the other way.

Genuine customers and employees can be earned only through trust and loyalty. Loyalty and trust for a brand or employer are what made these companies like TATA, Reliance, Birla, etc.., Remember your grandpa or dad told you that they went to the same barber, tailor, tea shop and employed in one organization for 25 or 30 years.Remember your mom or grandma bought vegetables and groceries from the same vendor for several years. What made the previous gen to stay with one vendor or employer for decades? The answer is simple, loyalty.

Talk with your Customers and Employees

Without your employees and customers, your company won’t exist. These blood and flesh assets have emotions, love, compassion, dream, and passion. And it is so fragile that once it breaks it’s not easy to patch up, even if you patch up that scar remains forever. Therefore, constantly checking your employees and customers vital signs is mandatory to maintain a healthy relationship. The best way to understand your customers and employees is to interact with them directly, however, with the busy schedules and deadlines, it is highly impossible to discuss with them individually. The second best way to get the feedback is through surveys which most of them hate to do or just for the sake of filling they give some random data which destroys the purpose. Now, the real problem what companies facing is getting a genuine feedback from employees and customers. Even after repeated reminders and notifications, people find an excuse or bored to fill the long survey, irrespective of the level satisfaction.

No more boring survey questionnaire

A US-based saas company Survey Sparrow have decided to solve this problem by developing an interactive online survey tool. Survey sparrow’s conversational survey is what makes them stand out and increases the genuine response rate. The overall experience of Survey Sparrow’s free online survey tool is something like chatting with a colleague rather than filling the boring questionnaire. Creating a new survey was never been this easy, you can select multiple type questions such as open-end questions, closed-end question, rating scale, picture choice, etc..,

Upload your contacts in just click of a button



Once the survey is created and contacts are added you can share the survey through email, social media, web link or embed the survey on your website in just



Also, the survey setting feature will allow you set and track the responder IP, the end date for a survey, number of responses and number of submissions per user. Finally, send a customized thank you email to the audience.



End of the survey will provide a detail report of the survey completion rate, average response time and each question wise reports which help to understand the performance of the survey in depth.

Survey Sparrow makes the surveyor and participants’ life easier by providing a simple and user-friendly free online survey tool which is device agnostic.Pricing starts @ $0 to $49. For more info check Survey Sparrow



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